Hello there. I’m working on a lengthier post than usual and I’m also using the occasion to clean a little bit more the blog’s style.

The current theme is based on Solar, a theme I judged simple enough to allow me to have a lighter blog, meaning both lighter in your bandwidth and your eyes. THe first changes I did was to widen the column and changes the color from Solarized to Gruvbox-Medium Dark, improving the <figure> tag to have them scaling up well, etc, etc…

And today I worked on making both the font size bigger and having various structure elements align on a line. The font will respect the browsers’ default instead of setting for 13 pixels, will use more the system fonts where applicable, use the fancy programmer fonts for monospace code tidbits if you have some of them installed and should be more readable on phones.

Another bit I should have done earlier is adding the language metadata to the pages so screen readers will react accordingly to the content, I still have a lot of French posts that should sound better now.

The more I work on the style, the less it feels like the original theme. I guess at one point I shall clean it up and fork it. Here’s some of the structures I cleaned/tweaked to see how it looks now. At the moment of writing the post, all of those should align more or less well.

This is a term
This is a definition

This is a quotation

  • It
  • is
  • a
  • list
function this:is(some_code)
    it:should(look_fine) -- Doesn't it?

As a bonus for the reader that’ll read this rather useless post: did you know that the duck that stays on the bottom of the page actually has two sunshades? I did a mistake when rendering the model and forgot to disable the bigger shades (the ones that goes on my avatar’s pumpkin). I tried to clean it up to remove the goof and reduce the SVG’s filesize, but in the end I kept it as is because I was too lazy to redo it.

Have a nice day.

The duck.