Hello there. Welcome in the Retroactive blog v4, I hope the wait was worth it. Do you happen to be struct by the blank canvas issue? The plain canvas that holds a creator from doing the first move? I also live that. But something also interesting with me is that I love gathering those canvases.

I own a few notebooks that I have never filled to the last page, the oldest ones must date from high school, I forgot the exact dates.

This blog is kinda another notebook, a virtual one. And I still gather them. I also have an org-mode-powered note folder which was a candidate to become the blog’s source. I ended up writing a new version of this site with Hugo, for a few reasons. The first, I’d say is that instead of having a shiny and new notebook, I just refurbished one with new goals -gather rants I yell in the void Twitter-.

Another one is the global style change, a total departureof what the blog used to look like. It seems like I grew older and don’t like such an edgy color combination that is red/black as much as I used to. So it went away for a gruvbox-inspired theme over the Solar theme I tweaked here and there, widening the area or tweaking the code fences.

See ya later, space cowboy.

And the last one is that I want now a static site. Less headache and worries and easier to deploy. Once I refresh my memory on how rsync works, updating the site will be as easy as sending a rotating chicken gif on a server.

Time flown without me seeing how far it went. Maybe it’s time to land again and start writing? Looking up a bit my old writing style, I think I’m not going to redo this mistake of trying to be funny. If it happens, it’ll happen but so long the idea of placing a pun at every corner. They’re better in moderation.

Anyway. I have some posts in the backburner. Once I finished looking over this version and uploaded it, I guess I’m going to work on them. I got a few subjects to rant my heart out on them.

See ya next time.