The Duck

A spinning low-poly duck with a pumpking for helmet and a leek for sword and shield. Spin forever, my child.

My avater : a low-poly rubber duck. Through years it got a few improvements over the original model, like a slight update in the mesh, sunglasses (to hide the lack of eyes), Sirfetch’d leek and that pumpkin, a “temporary” edit for Halloween that ended up permanent. That’s also the duck you can see on every page on this blog. Bless him.

Fun fact: I have multiple versions of the source file (a Blender file) and I never remember which one I should use. So there has been almost a different version of the same spin GIF every time I open up Blender to render the same duck. For instance, this specific video has the Halloween pumpkin, a slight scanline overlay and subsurface-scattering (SSS) applied to the meshes’ materials. I had a variant in flat shading with outlines, another with a skull and blurred to imitate Dril’s avatar, one with more “realistic” eyes for fun, etc etc.

This duck is often one of the models I keep using in projects as a replacement of the Utah Teapot or Blender’s Suzanne. I don’t know, he keeps following me.

Screenshot of Pico-8 showing a logo for a non-existant company, Glass Dreams. A pair of glasses shines over the name of the company fading in and rising next to the sunglasses.

I also sometimes uses the sunglasses themselves for identification or test model.

For instance, this Pico-8 cart was a fake company intro with a sprite inspired from them. Not the shine effect on the glasses.