Projects' logs

Here’s the category that contains development logs for projects I want to keep a trace of (or want them to be swept under the “unfinished project” rug). Here’s a small non-exhaustive listing of my projects:

Active projects

  • VkRe
    • Elevator pitch: game engine running in Vulkan, second take.
    • Coming soon in the blog


  • LSDPatch-Redux
    • Elevator pitch: trying to improve a modding tool for chiptune software.
    • The project got merged back into the original project and I kinda left. after Johan got to work actively back on it.
  • Tactics
    • Elevator pitch: Exercise in making a prototype of a Tactical game in Godot.
    • Considered as good enough.

Halted/Abandoned projects

  • Unnamed driller game
    • Elevator pitch: dig, unearth treasures and upgrade your driller vehicle!
    • Project for the PlayDate.
    • Paused for lack of gameplay ideas.
    • Coming soon in the blog
  • Zone
    • Halted: not exactly stopped, but I’m constantly rebooting the concept.
  • Six
    • Elevator pitch: Yet another Mother 3 battle engine clone
    • Abandoned: both the underlying project, tetra, was paused and my interest in this project waned (spagetthi code overload).
  • Zeldalikelike
    • Elevator pitch: Me trying to program the fundamentals behind a Zelda.
    • Abandoned: lack of interest in pushing forward.

Untitled Tactics Project - Devtober 2022 Postmortem

How the game looks so far. Hello there. I participated in the Devtober 2022 jam while I was starting a project in Godot, a tactics-like game prototype, as an experiment in pathfinding and then A.I. I wrote a postmortem on the public build page. Here’s the content of the postmortem rewritten here. Hello. This is it, October is almost done and I am writing this small postmortem to sum up what went through this month, even if it went faster than expected. …

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There’s a quote that is usually misattributed to random geniuses of the past that says something in the lines of “What’s madness if not trying something again and again expecting a different result”. This blog post is about that and my obsession in cloning Mother 3’s battle engine. …

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2021 Update This project was merged back to upstream and the repository was archived. There’s absolutely no more reason to use Redux anymore now that Johan is actively reshaping the tool like nobody’s done before. Thanks for using Redux and supporting me. Original post LSDJ, short for Little Sound DJ1, is a Gameboy music tracker designed to actually run on a Gameboy. It works like a charm and is still updated by its creator, Johan Kotlinski. …

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"Zeldalikelike" Devlog #00 - Plot and Rationale

And it all started with a tileset and a bet with a friend – Me. Everything starts with exposition It’s that day again. The Ritual. Today, another child will be given this challenge, this task. How many times have I seen those children leaving this place to never come back? Three, four? What’s the deal with the Ritual? What’s the deal with sending children and not us, the guards? Why should I say nothing about that? I’m both growing old of time and this. I want to seek the answers, I want to understand. – The protagonist …

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Zone Devlog #00 - Prelude

Hello there. I said in an earlier posts I had things to write off on this dusty place of a blog. Well, why not start with the biggest personal project I currently work on? …