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Who am I



Hello everyone who's reading this. I'm Florian Dormont, aka. Eiyeron. I'm a game-oriented programmer student in his fifth year of studies, currently studying at the ENJMIN and plans to become a full-time game programmer, be it in a small company or a bigger one.

Being inspired by people with better skills than me, I'll always have some kind of pushng-forward and improvment motivation. That's how I became programmer and that's how I'm interested in other game(or art)-related skills and hobbies.



I have a really good experience and finished projects in those languages :

A HTML5 game I created to test Luxe engine in Haxe.
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • HTML/CSS (this site being an example)

I can also program on those languages without too much issues :

  • C#
  • Haxe
  • Lua
  • Squirrel
I've got experience as graphical calculator programmer. This runs on a Casio FX-9860

I have programmed in those languages but would need arefresh before taking part in a project :

  • MySQL (I also enjoy making UML diagrams in MySQL Workbench)
  • PHP
  • Javascript

I can understand how a project is designed and try following its structure and can easily follow a codestyle. When doing important projects, I usually try to comment and keep my variables and function names clear.

I learnt programming to create (or reproduce) games for my calculators. Reproducing the core engine of games I liked was the most important push towards learning programming languages, methods or structure. I still enjoy making games for such devices but my interest is going toward more powerful targets and -if possible- game consoles.

Current projects

Unnamed RPG idea

Zoom This is a screenshot by late October 2016.

Note: this project will also be likely get its own page.

I'm currently developping some kind of Earthbound-esque battle engine in Haxe and Haxeflixel as another iteration of the same game idea I have, always searching for the library that fits the best my needs. For now, I switched the motivation I had behind WalrusRPG towards this project with hopes I'll be able to gather interest and potentially people to work with on this project.

Lacking a team, I had to create the whole graphics for the game (minus the font). Searching progressively the few of style I could have, I ended up with a Blender and Aseprite to create pre-rendered 3D visuals that I'd alter to limit the colors to a specific palette, giving it a cheap retro-ish style. I don't know if I'm going to keep this style for new iterations or versions of this project but this is going to stay as it is for now. This has been somehow pretty fun to delve into 3D modelling and managing to create a decent asset pipeline to convert a 3D scene into pre-rendered images or sprites.

Here is a WIP build of the game engine. It should run on Windows but I only tested 64-bit for now.


Note: This project has a page. Check it out instead.

Zoom Here's a WIP screenshot of the entity interaction system.

WalrusRPG is a game engine project I'm developping to create, one day, a RPG i'm trying to get done since too many years. Started as a game engine being able to be run on a Ti-Nspire CX, it went (mostly by curiosity) to be runnable on PC, on 3DS1 and on PS Vita1.

Note that some prototypes were done with that game engine. They were pretty easy to make as the engine is built more like a general purpose game enigne than specifically RPGs but RPG-based features are in development.

Check the source code for the game engine and some utilities/libraries here : https://github.com/WalrusRPG


Retroactive, when I'm decided to update it, is a blog where I put the stuff I want to talk about, like retro-gaming, gaming, programming and even pixel-arting. It's running on a homebrew blog engine built over Flask, which is a Python micro-framework for web server applications.

Transhumance : a school project about whistling

Zoom Transhumance screenshot of the first level.

Transhumance is a school project done during my first year at the ENJMIN. In this game, you play as the guardian of an old and mysterious animal race, the Khoris. Your goal is to lead them into a fantastic journey, using the power of your voice. The game has been praised for its graphisms and the use of impressionist-esque global effect to give a painting aspect to the visuals.

I was the programmer for this project. There was at first an idea of using voice to control the Khoris but raising the issue of time constraints and detection precision, I suggested instead to use whistling to control them, allowing us a quicker developping of the core mechanism.

This project is done and is available here : link


This is an example of what I draw

I enjoy doing pixelart, learning about various stuff (cooking, science, art, sometimes history, sometimes embedded electronics), loves reading (any kind of writing) and walking. Writing this blog also is somehting I enjoy doing.

I'm trying to understand and learn art such as drawing, 3D modelling and music compositing. I'm not really an inspired person but I'm still trying to learn what it takes to be an artist to improve my communication skill with the rest of the team.

When I mostly enjoy drawings, I like more pixel-art, following videogame consoles' restrictions or not. You can have a sample of what I'm doing with this tag : Graphismes.

Concerning music, I can't cheat as I usually do with pixelart and my lack of skill restrain me from trying to compose any music for now but I'd like to understand how music I enjoy and listen are made.

  1. Back then, not having the development kits for both consoles and their technologies probalby under NDA, blocking any open-source projects, I decided to use the libraries the homebrew community rose.